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The avatar which is going to appear on the screen is going to copy moves of your lips, face and your speech. Imagine, how much fun it might provide to you. To provide you with an example, you can choose your favorite and turn yourself into them.Great application for webcam and streamsThe application gained a lot of praise from streamers and people who create webcam video productions. For example you can prepare a stream on twitch on Halloween where you are going to look like character from horror movie. Simply amazing and great for entertainment.Characters and modelsThe thing which probably is going to interest you the most about Facerig is what types of characters and models you can use to have fun. As it was stated before you can create your own avatars. However, the software also has a quite impressive list of already existing avatars which you can use immediately after you download Facerig. Since the application was provided on Steam, it has an entire roster of characters from Team Fortress 2.However, there are many more other characters. For example Santa Claus. Imagine cold, white Christmas and your children waiting for a Santa Claus. Now you can turn yourself into him with a simple camera. Make your children happy (if you have them) during Christmas.New level for video productionFacerig seems like a really simple program. It provides video creators with countless new possibilities. They can produce independent characters which they can use in their movies, quite easily. The interface within the context of models creation is really simple to use for almost everyone. Hence, you can actually consider Facerig as a program which is going to allow you, to take first steps in the 3D graphics. This application is going to provide you and your friends with many hours of fun and dozens of good laughs.Key featuresReal time head and expression tracking in an input video stream, (also with audio analysis). Combining tracked data with additional virtual puppeteer-ing input. On-the-fly animation re-targeting for the tracked data and applying the animation on a user selected 3d model, with audio processing (voice alteration) Rendering and lighting the animated model in real time, in a user selected background. Encoding the rendered video and sending it further as output from a virtual webcam (it basically intercepts webcam input, and swaps the images captured by your real webcam with the fantastic content before sending it further). Provide the interface for tuning the parameters of all operations above. Open creation platform: you can make your own models (outside of FaceRig), import and use them as your avatars. The models need to be created according to a set of published specs.

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